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Who Are We

We are a small biltong business in Somerset, dedicated to bring you old-school quality biltong. Growing up in South Africa, we were taught the magic that is biltong and, how to make it just right. Our seniors knew their craft well and taught us their simple but, effective methods. If you are looking for authentic tasting biltong, you have come to the right place. Order a sample bag and try for yourselves. You will be back for more!

About Our Product

We like to keep things simple. Our biltong consists of quality West Country beef, raw spices and a splash of organic cider vinegar. We only use natural ingredients. There are no e-numbers, MSG or artificial preservatives. We want you to experience biltong the way we did in South Africa. Quality produced biltong following, tried and tested methods, by generations of biltong makers that is, unbeatable in taste.

Biltong care

Biltong Care


Although biltong is a preserved food, it still requires a bit of love and care. The most important thing to remember is to allow the biltong to breathe.

Sliced: Sliced biltong will arrive in a sealed bag for freshness.

If you have the will power to not devour your biltong in one sitting then, we recommend you transfer your sliced biltong into a bowl.

Keep the bowl in a cool, dry place and make sure to shake the bowl daily to allow fresh air to circulate between the biltong pieces. This will prevent any mould growth in any pockets of stagnant air. Biltong will naturally get drier with each passing day. Find out more about the different levels of dryness below.

Slabs: If you are looking to savour your biltong and make it last then, biltong slabs are for you. Biltong slabs will dry much slower then sliced and, will retain its texture and characteristic red colour for much longer.

Biltong slabs still require access to fresh air. We recommend storing it on a chopping board. This way it will be well ventilated and ready for slicing when desire strikes. A sharp knife will be required. Watch your fingers!


Dryness- Soft Biltong

Biltong comes in 2 different levels of dryness.

The most popular version we refer to as, 'soft biltong'. This biltong has a distinctive deep red colour and the meat is much softer to eat.

If 'soft biltong' is your top choice for taste, then it should be consumed within 2-3 days. This is because the biltong will naturally become drier as time goes by turning your 'soft biltong' into............ you guessed it, 'hard biltong'


Hard Biltong

'Hard Biltong' has spent extra time in the drier. The biltong will be dark in colour and, is much tougher to chew than 'soft biltong'.

In terms of biltong care, we offer the same advice as 'soft biltong,' written above. Although 'hard biltong' requires much less attention, due to being nearly void of any moisture and, is unlikely to suffer from any mould growths.

Both soft and hard biltong are delicious in their own ways and it's all down to your personal preference.

Fat Content

Fat Content

Biltong is traditionally made with either silverside or topside cuts. The fat in the beef adds to the experience, producing some very tasty biltong. Traditionally, we would leave one side of the meat, with the fat on, so it adds delicious flavour to our product.

Although, with the variety of diets now, fat content doesn't always suit everyones needs or preferences. So we offer you the choice of keeping this strip of fat on or off. If you prefer your biltong more lean then, simply choose it from the options at the product page.

Delivery and Packaging

We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. For our sliced biltong we have sourced bags that are bio-degradable and can be placed right in your food bin after use.

For biltong slabs we are currently using standard vacuum seal rolls. These can still be recycled at your local recycling centres in either the plastic bag section or the new energy, from waste bins. We are working on finding bio-degradable vacuum seal rolls but, unfortunately there are not many options currently available on the market.

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